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It appears that our government has yet again taken on policies of Internet sensorship. "What we don't like, we block out." When will companies start to understand that the 20th century business model is dead. We must keep the internet open and free in every sense of the word. Who gets to decide what is available on the internet and what is not? Lets adapt and make money a different way then how we used to before the internet. Google seems to have a 21st century business model, lets take aspects of what they do and apply them to our businesses.

Please read the article below. This is a perfect example of our governments abusing its power to protect the 20th century business model.

torrent-finder.comOn Thursday, the 25th of November 2010, the Torrent Finder domain ( ), registered with Godaddy, was seized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) without any prior takedown notice or specific allegations of infringing activity. The Domain IP was suddenly changed without the registrar's knowledge and the system displayed a "Pending Registry Action" message on the domain's status. No contact was given until Wednesday, the 1st of December, when Godaddy replied to my inquiries, giving a contact for an ICE agent.

On Thursday, the 2nd of December, David Snead who is representing Torrent Finder contacted the ICE agent in charge who told him that "the orders are under seal, but that the seal will be lifted today or tomorrow". However, we have not heard from them until writing this post. Another email from Godaddy clarified that the action was taken by VeriSign: "please understand that these actions were taken by Verisign at the Registry level; and not by Go Daddy". The story was first reported on TorrentFreak and

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